About Jeff

I was born and raised in Downtown Chicago. Instead of playing sports as a kid, I learned to restore classic cars with my Dad, namely Jaguars, Triumphs, Alfas, BMWs, and a lot of other amazing machines. My Mom is a special education teacher, my Dad owned a commercial Television store.

My 99-year-old Grandfather is my hero and has always taught me that education and family are the two most important things in life. Retiring in his later 80′s, he instilled in me an incredibly strong work ethic.

My passion for Real Estate started at a young age when my Dad decided to try loft living before there was a term “loft”. Since this was a raw loft, he let my imagination run wild and allowed me, a ten-year-old, to design our entire industrial home. There were many lofts that followed, and I always tried to make the next one more interesting than the last. The most interesting design element I added was to build the living room on heavy casters to allow the entire living room to be moved around the house when needed.

In college I took a history of architecture class that secured in my mind that I wanted to have a career in Real Estate. I was fascinated studying architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies Van Der Rohe.

I’m very close to my family, and I am lucky to have a lot of them living right here in the Denver area. I always consider my friends to be a part of my family as well.

I started school at Purdue, but after a summer visit to Colorado, I decided to transfer to the University of Colorado at Boulder for my remaining three years of school. After college, I moved directly to Denver in the River Front Park neighborhood. I miss Chicago, (in the Summer) but absolutely love the lifestyle, weather, and people here in Denver.

I currently live in the Lower Highlands neighborhood in a home I built with my wife, Lindsay, our daughter, Blake, and our 3 dogs – Oscar the dachshund, Fritzie the weimaraner, and Shelby the shih tzu. I wake up every day eager for the what’s ahead, and I go to sleep every night thoroughly happy with my life, friends, family, and work.

If you can’t tell by now my life is an open book, and I’m always happy to share my experiences with anyone.

If you have any questions, always feel free to ask.

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